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Jakoncic Uvaia 2017

Jakoncic Uvaia 2017

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Jakončič Uvaia 2017

on nose : The flower is medium-pointed, ripe, compact, beautifully variegated, quite unique. It smells like coffee beans, butter, a dash of smoke, black pepper and oak. In the mouth, the wine is dry, of medium acidity, of a stronger body. When you expect the tannins to dry your mouth slightly due to the "orange" approach, this does not happen, but rather be surprised by the soft velvety touch and oily texture.

Composition of varieties: 100% Pinot Grigio

Alcohol rate: 15.5%

Method of Aging and Production: Maturing takes place in egg-shaped wooden barrels. Due to the shape of the barrel, the wine is constantly circulating and therefore has different characteristics. The purpose of Jakončič was to produce macerated white wine that does not resemble red wine in its texture.

Vineyards: The wine tradition of the Jakončič family farm dates back to 1847, when Mihael and Carolina Jakončič took over the first vineyards in the village of Kozana in Goriška Brda, thus laying the foundation for family winemaking. The commitment to quality grape and wine production at the Jakončič farm has been and still is of primary importance. Only this type of production, combined with specific vineyard locations, can form the basis for the production of extracted, mineral-rich and structural wines.

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